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-Technical Articles-


Diesel Ignition Timing

When adding fuel and boost in the quest for better performance, a key component, timing, is often overlooked. Timing mechanically injected diesels is simple in practice, but understanding the why and where to time is what this article is all about.

1 Ton Drum Brakes on a 3/4 Ton 14 bolt full-floater


Big power and weight calls for big brakes, and by now the big blue suburban was well qualified in the latter. A friend was switching over to discs, and that gave us the chance to pick up a set of backing plates from a 1 ton 14 bolt.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries TE06H Wastegated Turbo


We adapt a MHI TE06H turbo for use with Banks hardware on the big blue suburban, but not before taking it apart and getting a look at everything inside.

How the Stanadyne DB2 Fuel Injection Pump Works


Always curious, we take a deeper look at the Stantadyne model DB2 fuel injection pump.

GM 6.2L Diesel Rebuild

With our original 6.2L showing its age after 15 years and just over 300,000 miles, we set out to design and build a rock solid 6.2TD that was capable of producing approximately 450 lb. ft. This article details the aquisition and rebuild process of our 1985 suburban's new diesel.